Science and Nonduality Conference

Science and Nonduality Conference
Science and Nonduality Conference, October 20-25, 2010.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week of conference hopping...

In the past week Zaya and I went to attend our two “sister” conferences. It was a great week of learning and observing and our brain was stretched in many directions…

The first “Toward a Science of Consciousness” Conference was held 16 years ago (!!!) and the event is still a landmark in the academic studies of Consciousness. A feast for the scientific oriented brain! In these few days we heard very elaborate theories on how the brain works, heard scenarios of how Artificial Intelligence (AI++) will reach singularity point and intelligence far superior to human and all the foreseen and unforeseen implications of it. We heard about a thorough near death experiences research from Holland clearly indicating that consciousness is present even when the brain is not functioning… We heard great talks, saw amazing poster sessions and met many old friends, some of you we first met at our conference in San Rafael last October.

While meeting with these amazing scientists it become more and more apparent to us that the “new paradigm” of science is in full swing and that we need to anchor Consciousness as “primary” before we can possibly move any further.

“Psychedelic Science in the 21st century” was a totally different experience… We were enchanted by meeting such passion and dedication from scientists and activists attempting to change laws and common misperceptions about entheogen and their role as portals in understanding Consciousness and as crucial support in psychological and medical healing.

We felt extremely honored and proud to be part of that historical event and we highly recommend it to you for next year.
Needless to say also there we met many of you and look forward to seeing you again in October at SAND10.

At the two events we enrolled some new amazing speakers and with them our main program is almost complete.

BUT… we have kept space for you! Go to our website and post your abstract, your idea, your dream, your theory, your student thesis, your movement modality and allow us to give voice to your work. Remember, this is YOUR conference. Science and Nonduality 2010 needs you!
Without you we cannot be NOTHING!

Be an active part of the paradigm shift!
Post your abstract!
Love, Maurizio & Zaya.


  1. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put the conference together. Hoping to make it this year. At Karina Library, published recently Robert Wolfe's Living Nonduality, currently in the top few books at Amazon for the term "nonduality", so would like to meet others who might be interested in Robert's works. More at

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