Science and Nonduality Conference

Science and Nonduality Conference
Science and Nonduality Conference, October 20-25, 2010.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to start dreaming SAND 2010...

what an adventure...
Last week, about a month after the conference ended, our bodies finally crushed and Zaya and I had to take a week off!!!
...a week off... what a concept... :-)
But it is now time to prepare for next year event... SAND 2010 is on the way.
A LOT of amazing new idea and suggestions came from your feedback and we listened to all of them very closely.
We heard your requests for less speakers, longer talks, more integration between talks and experiential, a science closer to our day to day experience and better coffee…

We’ll present again a wide variety of spiritual traditions, sciences and the arts being well aware that they are all pointers and each of these modalities could be the needed key for each and everyone of us to open the “door” to move us "beyond". As Nisargadatta said: “getting a thorn to help us remove another thorn”.

On this blog, on which I will now commit to write regularly (in my approximate English)... we'll keep you posted on the evolution of our planning and we'll welcome your further feedback to help us create the 2010 event. We crave your comments since we are well aware that there is only one element that is the key to a succesfull conference... YOU!

Stay tuned and help us creating an amazing SAND box in which our minds will be able to safely play and possibly, even for a brief moment disappear, letting the awareness of our unity with "it all" to become present...

Love, Maurizio

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